Walkers are Welcome National Litter-Pick

Published on: 29 Feb 10:16

Meltham Walkers are Welcome in conjunction with Meltham Town Council are supporting the National Litter-pick and we hope you will consider supporting us.

We plan to tidy up the following areas central to Meltham by removing litter and clearing vegetation that impedes use of the footpaths.

We have chosen the following as our focus:

Towngate Gardens & Near Lane

The steps and footpath leading to Morrisons Supermarket

The footpath from Station Street, past Morrisons to The Cobbles

The steps adjacent to Meltham Group Practice/pharmacy to Mean Lane

The steps and footpath from Mean Lane to Sunny Heys Rd / Hey Doorstep Green

The footpath from Mean Lane to Sunny Heys Rd / Broadlands Rd

You could support us in a number of ways:

Practical help with the clean-up

Collection of the bagged rubbish and delivery to the recycling centre on Bent Ley Road

Provision / loan of equipment or supplies

Provision of refreshments

For more information please contact:

Brian Keighley, Chair – Meltham Walkers are Welcome


or by phone 07938858057

or visit www.walkingmeltham.com or our Facebook page