Meltham Way Part 2

Published on: 17 Jun 20:05

After raining all week, 26 people and two dogs turned up for our Meltham Way Part Two walk.

All the rain has made the Moorland green again, hopefully reducing the risk of any fires.


The wildlife was quite friendly!


The walk takes us along the catch water, and the stepping stones across Brown Grains Dyke, flowing above the catch water confluence were spectacular.


The waterworks along the catch water are always interesting.


The end of the catch water at Blackmoorfoot was hugely impressive and very stately.


Following the path along the reservoir, you can see how the rain has helped fill it up.


More friendly wildlife greeted us as we walked down the hill towards Meltham.


You can see the full gallery of pictures here:

Meltham Way Part 2