Bat walk report

Published on: 01 Jun 14:39

Our first bat walk in the Pleasure Grounds in Meltham was a great success with over 40 people turning up to see the bats.


Jean Walters give the crowd an excellent introduction on the types and behaviours of the bats typically seen around Meltham and handed out a variety of leaflets and resources on bats.


We then walked to the top of the Pleasure Grounds, where the bat detector was switched on and the expectant crowd kept their ears peeled for acoustic signs of the bats coming out to feed at dusk.


After sunset the first bats (and the midges) started to appear and we walked down to the old pond, where we saw an amazing display of the bats feeding just above the ground, the bat detector providing an eerie backdrop of sound helping the crowd to locate them.


A great evening and hopefully everybody enjoyed the walk.