Wessenden Way Walk report May 2019

Published on: 22 May 12:00

Around 25 people and Mickey the dog, joined us for one of the longest walks in the Meltham Walkers are Welcome calendar, the Wessenden Way, which is 16km, sounds more impressive than 10 miles!


The walk consists of a steep three mile climb from the Carlile to the top of Wessenden Head and the weather was dry with patchy clouds.


The walk takes us past several reservoirs including Wessenden, Wessenden Head, Blakeley, Butterley and Deer Hill.


Although it's a long walk, the bulk of the walk follows the contours of the catch water, so for 7 miles you are walking slightly downhill, although there is the odd bridge to cross.


Sadly you can still see the effects of the recent Deer Hill fire at Easter and the smell of smoke still pervades. The walk had a collection to support the efforts to reduce the impact of the fire.


Last leg of the walk with great views of Meltham and some tired legs!


The full gallery of pictures are available here:

Wessenden Head 2019 Gallery

See if you can identify all of the reservoirs!